Mother cat found with kitten


Mother cat Milly and kitten Dilly

This mother cat was found with kitten crying for food near an vacant house. I was told that the mother cat had three kittens and now left one. I put some food in the empty house for two days. Since it was a raining season, I decided to bring the mother cat and kitten to safety as I suspected that the other kittens had been washed away into the drain. Milly, the mother cat still wonders to the place and meowing for her kittens. I had to go and bring her back and told her that her kittens are safe in heaven. The neigbours also searched for the other two kittens and could not find. Even animals care for their babies.

Today I let Milly out for a while and she walked feebly to the original place. I pray that God will comfort her. Tomorrow I will bring Milly to see the vet. She seems to have flu.

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