Julie Pek’s affinity and passion for the lesser animals started when her first puppy passed on at 9 months old. She helped out at animal shelters to curb the loss of her first pup and deter to do much more and that was how she opened herself to the rescue of the lesser pets . Hence from there, Julie had been rescuing, caring, feeding, fostering, giving medical aid, spay and neuter, and finding lovely homes for the pets. Julie Pek has been doing this for the past five years.

Julie Pek is a secretary by profession and is presently attached to a corporate company which is the country’s top  executive express coach. Julie Pek also writes on animal rights in media and also magazines. She does rescue work only after office hours and during her weekends.

Her determination and continuous  great love for the animals have inspired someone to create juliepek.com to enhance and to connect further for the little, tiny, needy, homeless, speakless ones.

Juliepek resides in Malaysia, in the state of Selangor.

Posted: 1st October 2011

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