Ugly kitten rescued


I received a watsap message from Sis Shereen Lim during church service. She needed to see me after service. So we met up and this is the kitten that she showed me. Kitten was hungry and thin and dirty and ugly. As she had no place and have dogs at home, I offered to help to care for the kitty.

This kitten was found crossing the main road near to our church premise.

Kitty had hundreds of fleas and I had to tick wash and gave him can food and made him comfortable. Praise God that another of my friend Jay  offered to care for him during the days as I could not bottle feed kitty as I had to work. The vet gave some medicine.

Within one month, Ugly kitty was transformed and adopted. The pictures tells a thousand words.


This poor kitty was full of fleas.


He is named chubby and is a beauty…He had been vacinated


Chubby will always have food, water and shelter .. Thanks to Jay

And thanks to Sis Shereen Lim, you have given Chubby a new lease of life.

May God bless you and your household for your kindness.

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