All these 5 years of rescue works and the passion to help the animals, I am very blessed and thankful to have met and known these wonderful people that has been my mentor, my help, my sponsor, my advisor and last but not least “is always there with me and for me” in my time of need to lean on. I cant name the hosts of all of them and if your name has been inadvertently left out, you are always in my heart and on behalf of the animals.. a BIG THANK YOU to you..and may God bless you always and Heavens Windows always open for you too… and good Karma follows you . It is because you are all with me, hence I can do so much all these years, and I am not alone in this enormous task/call that had been entrusted to me, though it is somehow linked to “affinity”..

I am very grateful and thankful  to the many many friends from diferent culture and beliefs and these friends are gift from God and Heaven.

1. Mr Engedi – who saw my sincere passion for the animals and created this website for me.

2. Dr Chan Kah Yein of Myanimalcare who had allow me to post at her website to get the rescued animals adopted. Animalcare had sponsor me and be my advisor for my first rescued cat Tam Tam-my lovely 3 legged cat. It was from here that it was an eye opener to help the cats besides the dogs.

3. Ms Cheah Siew Yen – my co rescuer.

4. Ms Terry Poh – my mentor when I was newbie into the rescue world

5. Muffin Desanto Chang – my fund raiser for the animals that needed medical attention

6. Mr Simon K. – who sponsored many cases.

7. Princess Butterfly Melysa – a beautiful lady with a heart of gold for the rescued animals

8. Mama Mei Fah – who sponsored and took in the critical cases.

9. Ms Jade Cheah and aunt Cheah

10. Ms Catherine Yin – for sponsoring some cases

11. Ms Amy of Subang Pet

12. Dr Edmund Yeoh, Dr Khor, Dr Vijay – my vet panel

13. Dr Paul Anthony and Mama Helen

14. Ms Shoba Mano -@petsunleashed – sponsoring and raising funds for the food

15. Ms Yoong @ crazymouse for being there always..

16. Ms Malinda – sponsor and advisor

17. Ms Ean Cheah – sponsor and support

and many many more that had helped to save, re-home and feed them.

Thanks to all  the adopters that took in the animals and gave them warmth, love, care, food and shelter and last but not least thanks and glory to God for the strength, resources, friends, time and finances to help these animals.

and to my own pets that been very patient and adapting well.. to my lovely dogs – oneone, two two, brownie, sweetie, and my lovely cats – tam tam, ting ting, patches, neat neat, moonie..

A basketful of thanks to an understanding hub.






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