Donations wants  to do much much more if there are kind donors that wishes to be part of her rescue/feeder/spay,neuter,release,rehome,medical cause for the animals. At the moment, juliepek does most of it herself and once a while supported by other closely knitted co-rescuers and kind friends.

All donors please feel free to donate without any strings attached. Juliepek is not obliged to take in any rescued dog /cat  for exchange of donation. Please only donate if you have faith in juliepek’s work and trust.

Direct payment to clinic for the purpose is also welcomed. Direct payment to pet shops for the food is also welcomed. Kindly inform me as logistics and locations play a vital part of sending the dogs and cats there or collections of the food.

The purpose of the funds will be used mainly to enhance the rescue work, to be able to enlarge the tent of helping the animals. Kindly send an email to if you wish to donate. Account number will be given after tele-conversation. This is to ensure that juliepek wants to receive from genuine helpers only.

Every donation received will be recorded and every spending shall be recorded too.

At the moment, the count for feeding is : 15 strays dogs, 10 stray cats and 12 rescued cats. Pending to be spayed/neutered: 5

In the past four years to date:Julie have rescued/spay/neuter/feed and helped not less than 70 dogs and 20 cats.



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