A tribute to Patrick Pek – 14th June to 14th Sept 2016

I have finally found strength in the Lord to write again.

It has been three months June 14th 2016 to September 14th 2016 that my faithful partner and husband had passed on and returned to the Lord. It had been very painful and sad that the sudden demise was unexpected and  came as a shock after a heart by pass surgery.

Everything went well until the second week Mr Pek had infection and his antibodies were not strong to fight back. However I am very comforted that the Lord is our Shepherd and  all things are under His knowledge and control.

I will always remember Mr Pek as an animal lover and through him I entered the rescue world.Together, we had rescued and rehome about 80 dogs and 30 cats in these ten years.

Many customers had described him as good, kind, jovial, cool,peaceful, good temper man. It is very blessed to know him asmany humans beings and the lesser animals are blessed too. I could not contain my tears when I went to shop and when customers praised and mentioned good about him. He is so loved by many people of many walks and race of life.

Now that he is with the Lord in eternity, I shall have to move on and continue the legacy that he had left behind to me. Thank you Jesus for You have been our divine provider and protector. Thanks to all my friends and families that had loved and share kindness with him. May God bless you all too.

May God give me strength to move on.Me and many  will always cherish fond memories of Mr Patrick Pek.


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