Ugly kitten rescued


I received a watsap message from Sis Shereen Lim during church service. She needed to see me after service. So we met up and this is the kitten that she showed me. Kitten was hungry and thin and dirty and ugly. As she had no place and have dogs at home, I offered to help to care for the kitty.

This kitten was found crossing the main road near to our church premise.

Kitty had hundreds of fleas and I had to tick wash and gave him can food and made him comfortable. Praise God that another of my friend Jay  offered to care for him during the days as I could not bottle feed kitty as I had to work. The vet gave some medicine.

Within one month, Ugly kitty was transformed and adopted. The pictures tells a thousand words.


This poor kitty was full of fleas.


He is named chubby and is a beauty…He had been vacinated


Chubby will always have food, water and shelter .. Thanks to Jay

And thanks to Sis Shereen Lim, you have given Chubby a new lease of life.

May God bless you and your household for your kindness.

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A tribute to Uncle Loo

Uncle Loo returned to the Lord on Monday March 6th at a good old age of 82.  Uncle Loo attends our chinese church at Renewal Lutheran Church PJ. Last Year May 2016 Uncle Loo’s daughter asked me to help with a mother cat and two kittens that came to their house and uncle Loo wanted to help the mother cat and the kittens. I was very touched by his kindness towards the animals as in Proverbs12.10  said .The righteous care for his animals.

So I and Sis Saw Har were busy about this matter, sending the mother cat to be spayed, and the kittens to be adopted. Praise God in three weeks, the kittens were adopted(read the may 2016 post, kittens adopted Oreo and Felix)  and the mother cat was returned to Uncle Loo who was very delighted to have mother cat back.

I was told that Uncle Loo continued to love Meow Meow and was very happy that the cat was there for him when he was not well. On the second day of Uncle Loo’s departure, Sis Saw Har sent me this picture which touched my heart. Mother cat Meow Meow missed Uncle Loo and cuddled herself at Uncle Loo’s sandal. Yes , animals do have feelings too. Sis Saw Har comforted Meow Meow and told her that Daddy is fine in heaven free of pain and eternity with our Lord Jesus. Enjoy this picture below.

IMG-20170307-WA0026 (1)

Meow Meow finding comfort in Uncle Loo’s sandal.

May the Lord comfort Meow Meow too.

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Second time lucky – white dog Putih


Putih- Mr Pek’s rescued dog four years ago.

This white dog was rescued by Mr Pek, Someone told Mr Pek that this white dog was running near his shop and was knocked down by a car. He called me to find the dog that was to be somewhere . I went to ask a few people at the row of shop and found that one foreigner, a myamar had kept the dog but did not bring to see the vet. We took over and send to the vet. Dog’s leg was injured. Atter many months with us, we rehomed the dog Putih.

After four years, the owner called me and informed that the dog had bad habits of chasing the muslim neighbours and this is dangerous. I had to rehome Putih again. I did not inform Mr Pek as this would sadden him. At that time he was in hospital. I called a good kind friend to accept the dog as she had a big farm.This active dog would love it.

After much time lapse due to my husband’s death, I approached the kind sister and she accepted Putih. I am glad that Putih is second time lucky and Mr Pek would be very happy to hear the good news that Putih had  a new big compound to run.

Thank you Sister Jenny.You are very kind.  May God bless your household. Truly I thank God also  for helping me in my rescue work.

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Mother cat found with kitten


Mother cat Milly and kitten Dilly

This mother cat was found with kitten crying for food near an vacant house. I was told that the mother cat had three kittens and now left one. I put some food in the empty house for two days. Since it was a raining season, I decided to bring the mother cat and kitten to safety as I suspected that the other kittens had been washed away into the drain. Milly, the mother cat still wonders to the place and meowing for her kittens. I had to go and bring her back and told her that her kittens are safe in heaven. The neigbours also searched for the other two kittens and could not find. Even animals care for their babies.

Today I let Milly out for a while and she walked feebly to the original place. I pray that God will comfort her. Tomorrow I will bring Milly to see the vet. She seems to have flu.

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Master Ethan made a doghouse for Sharpie@Baby


Master Ethan Chua making a dog house for his rescued pup

It has been 11 months since Ethan boy had rescued this pup when pup was taken from street at about 3 months. Today Ethan still bear his responsibility as a rescuer and visits Sharpie@Baby and even made a dog house for Sharpie. This is very heart warming and perhaps some adults should learn from this little kid about responsible ownership too.

Good job Ethan, we are all proud of you .. you indeed has an affinity for the lesser animals.God bless you !

Please see earlier post about Ethan and Sharpie

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A tribute to Patrick Pek – 14th June to 14th Sept 2016

I have finally found strength in the Lord to write again.

It has been three months June 14th 2016 to September 14th 2016 that my faithful partner and husband had passed on and returned to the Lord. It had been very painful and sad that the sudden demise was unexpected and  came as a shock after a heart by pass surgery.

Everything went well until the second week Mr Pek had infection and his antibodies were not strong to fight back. However I am very comforted that the Lord is our Shepherd and  all things are under His knowledge and control.

I will always remember Mr Pek as an animal lover and through him I entered the rescue world.Together, we had rescued and rehome about 80 dogs and 30 cats in these ten years.

Many customers had described him as good, kind, jovial, cool,peaceful, good temper man. It is very blessed to know him asmany humans beings and the lesser animals are blessed too. I could not contain my tears when I went to shop and when customers praised and mentioned good about him. He is so loved by many people of many walks and race of life.

Now that he is with the Lord in eternity, I shall have to move on and continue the legacy that he had left behind to me. Thank you Jesus for You have been our divine provider and protector. Thanks to all my friends and families that had loved and share kindness with him. May God bless you all too.

May God give me strength to move on.Me and many  will always cherish fond memories of Mr Patrick Pek.


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four month puppy rescued by seven year old boy

This puppy was rescued when she was about four month old . The seven year old boy found him in front of  a clinic. Ethan Chua was not well and his mum brought him to the clinic. He saw the puppy and brought in the puppy inside the car. The puppy had to be rehomed and unfortunately no adopters and instead got a foster home. Ethan full fill his responsibility as good rescuer and comes to visit Sharpie(he named her dog) every now and then and also used his own pocket money to buy treats for Sharpie.

Sharpie is now 11 months old. She listens to commands sit and down and is a very

alert guard dog. Sharpie received new lease of life because of this wonderful seven  year old boy.

We are so proud of Ethan as from young he does have a heart for the less fortunate animals in the streets. Sharpie is being spayed and is now a healthy dog…and happy and safe from the streets… Thank you Ethan and may many more people help the strays too .

God Bless Ethan and family…

Ethan and Sharpie the rescued puppy

Ethan and Sharpie the rescued pupp


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The kittens are safe and sound and happy

It is the third and coming to fourth week after Oreo and Felix had been adopted by

Mr Yazid family. The daughter is such a precious gem. She loves both kittens and

truly is a happy family now. Such a young age and Quistina have a heart for the lesser animals. It truly gives me strength to further my work to help the lesser animals.God bless Mr Yazid, wife sally and beautiful Quistina.

I am so thankful this two siblings do not need to be separated because of this kind family..

Oreo and Felix..siblings

Oreo and Felix..siblings

Lovely Quistina and kitten orieo..

Lovely Quistina and kitten oreo..


Thank you and may rewards come from heaven .. to you all…..

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Sonia – kitten rescued from the big drain

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Small Sonia rescued

This little kitten was spotted crying very loud from a nearby big drain. There was no mother cat at sight. It was my rounds to feed the strays and I left some kibbles for the little kitty. Since then every night the kitty waits for her food. I decided to action plan to catch her as the vehicles are a lot and dangerous for her. Thank God I managed to trap her after hours of try and about three times. That was about four months ago and today he is neutered and safe in a lovely home.

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After neuter

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after surgery

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Two strays kittens received new lease of life

yazid family IMG-20160326-WA0011

This is Mr Yazid family. They have adopted two stray kittens and thier kindness have given the kittens a new lease of life. May God bless the kind family.



Orea was the kitten that was last adopted by them. They took Felix first and Felix was sad and crying for the other sibling and they decided they should reunite them.


Finally, home bound with lots of love.. I am so blessed to have met the Yazid family so is these Oreo and Felix. It is a reward to rescuers to see them in a home full of love. Thank you Mr Yazid, Sally and your lovely daughter.

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