four month puppy rescued by seven year old boy

This puppy was rescued when she was about four month old . The seven year old boy found him in front of  a clinic. Ethan Chua was not well and his mum brought him to the clinic. He saw the puppy and brought in the puppy inside the car. The puppy had to be rehomed and unfortunately no adopters and instead got a foster home. Ethan full fill his responsibility as good rescuer and comes to visit Sharpie(he named her dog) every now and then and also used his own pocket money to buy treats for Sharpie.

Sharpie is now 11 months old. She listens to commands sit and down and is a very

alert guard dog. Sharpie received new lease of life because of this wonderful seven  year old boy.

We are so proud of Ethan as from young he does have a heart for the less fortunate animals in the streets. Sharpie is being spayed and is now a healthy dog…and happy and safe from the streets… Thank you Ethan and may many more people help the strays too .

God Bless Ethan and family…

Ethan and Sharpie the rescued puppy

Ethan and Sharpie the rescued pupp


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