Second time lucky – white dog Putih


Putih- Mr Pek’s rescued dog four years ago.

This white dog was rescued by Mr Pek, Someone told Mr Pek that this white dog was running near his shop and was knocked down by a car. He called me to find the dog that was to be somewhere . I went to ask a few people at the row of shop and found that one foreigner, a myamar had kept the dog but did not bring to see the vet. We took over and send to the vet. Dog’s leg was injured. Atter many months with us, we rehomed the dog Putih.

After four years, the owner called me and informed that the dog had bad habits of chasing the muslim neighbours and this is dangerous. I had to rehome Putih again. I did not inform Mr Pek as this would sadden him. At that time he was in hospital. I called a good kind friend to accept the dog as she had a big farm.This active dog would love it.

After much time lapse due to my husband’s death, I approached the kind sister and she accepted Putih. I am glad that Putih is second time lucky and Mr Pek would be very happy to hear the good news that Putih had  a new big compound to run.

Thank you Sister Jenny.You are very kind.  May God bless your household. Truly I thank God also  for helping me in my rescue work.

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