juliepek.com wants  to do much much more if there are only  kind donors that wishes to be part of her rescue/feeder/spay,neuter,release,rehome,medical cause for the animals. At the moment, juliepek does most of it herself and once a while supported by other closely knitted co-rescuers and kind friends.

All donors please feel free to donate without any strings attached. Juliepek is not obliged to take in any rescued for exchange of donation.

If financial resources permits her to assist other rescuers cases then the policies are simple:

1. the funds to help spay, neuter, surgery, subsidise medical needs and food for the strays.

To qualify for this, the person must be attested by another rescuer or the person had been rescuing and helping the animals. Such request to be made to me with animal photo, give your full name and hp contact, and a brief story of the animal. Approval only be made if funds are available and arrangements will be made. Original receipts is a must for all cases.

juliepek.com is not :

1. a shelter, so juliepek cannot take in your rescued pet.

2. a professional and full time rescuer – so juliepek cannot be called to go here and there to provide such services, but will advise as per to her experience. Julie’s personal rescuing, ferrying, feeding already takes a bulk of her time.

3. a re-home agent – so do re-homing is best be done as fast as possible by yourself. Julie can only pass the information to her circle of friends or through this website depending on her time to do and update. Interviews and screening  on adopters should be done by rescuers themselves.







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